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Aarhus : step 8, Danish CV

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Writing your résumé in an other language is for sure a hard task.

Mine needed eight hours working on two weeks, the biggest part working on Firefox with around ten tabs (plus my courses and dictionaries opened on the table obviously) :

  • a pad where I copied my English résumé
  • google ...

Aarhus : step 7, Job

Dans «installation au Danemark» par stephane    Langues: en fr

I am working since march in a fruits warehouse in Tilst, in the north-east of Aarhus. It's just a food job.

In Denmark, everything is about networking. I got this job by one of my classmate, in Danish courses. I barely talked with her once or twice, but one ...

Feeling in love with Denmark

Dans «misc» par stephane

On top of the sky, like riding a dragon,
I look down the Earth and see this amazing spectacle :
The whole Denmark in one sight,
looking like a sleeping lover,
I recognize courbs and forms in the night,
It's Jylland, Odense and Samsø,
And in one eye shot, I ...

Switch to Pelican

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As you can see, there has just been some big changes !

I have used Wordpressas a blog engine for a long time now. It's a simple CMS, easy to use. Perfect for a beginner.

But I change for Pelican. The Wordpress is huge (90 Mo pour the whole base ...

Une idée, comme ça…

Dans «misc» par stephane

Aujourd'hui, j'ai eu une idée…

Je suis bizarrement quelqu'un de sceptique vis-à-vis de l'entrepreneuriat "à la française". Je n'essayerais pas d'expliquer les raisons de ce scepticisme, mais je peux vous dire qu'elles sont à l'opposée des raisons invoquées habituellement…

Il y a ...

Piwigo : Ldap login v1.1

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I have recently released my piwigo plugin. Unfortunately, there was a small mistake, which made the plugin unusable. Thus, I just reviewed the code and published a new release.

This release correct this bug and use (for the first time) the install function of Piwigo. That allows you to reset ...

Nouveau thème, un peu de ménage...

Dans «misc» par stephane

Hop, je viens de faire la mise à jour du site, ça faisait un moment...

Et puis pendant que j'y suis, j'ai mis un nouveau thème.

Finalement, sur ma lancée, j'ai arrêté définitivement mon autre blog consacré à mes lectures. Si je veux parler d'un bon ...

Piwigo : Ldap login v1.0

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Piwigo has recently released 2.6. This was a good time for me to release also a new version of my plugin ldap_login.

I added a function some people have requested for : ability to add new users to piwigo database when they are successful along the ldap. So, no boring ...