Piwigo has recently released 2.6. This was a good time for me to release also a new version of my plugin ldap_login.

I added a function some people have requested for : ability to add new users to piwigo database when they are successful along the ldap. So, no boring work to synchronize the two sides : ldap and piwigo. The plugin works for you !

I think this new release will please the great domains admins, typically university or big firms / department with hundreds or thousands of users. At least two persons with this kind of function have contacted me for that. I am happy to help them in their task.


This release is working with the piwigo 2.6 release. It is compatible with the previous one only if you don't use the new function : create new users when ldap is successful.

To my mind, this release is not yet to be considered stable, as it miss your comments or bugs reports. There is really little chance you face big crash in installing or testing.

The plugin is available for download on piwigo extensions website. You can also get it there, signed with my gpg key.

Edit : as I have published the minor release 1.1, I get the text of this article there.