Edit : I stopped the dev' of this plugin. But If you want to look at it and help and work on it, please contact me !
You can also have a look on github.

I have recently released my piwigo plugin. Unfortunately, there was a small mistake, which made the plugin unusable. Thus, I just reviewed the code and published a new release.

This release correct this bug and use (for the first time) the install function of Piwigo. That allows you to reset the plugin config. I hope to have done it in a correct manner.


The plugin is available for download on piwigo extensions website. You can also get it there, signed with my gpg key.

You just have to download the zip and unzip it in your piwigo instance plugins directory. Don't forget to give the correct rights, as the plugin need to write its config in its folder.

You may also find the plugin in your extensions manager.

You can discuss about the plugin and / or receive help in the comments below, through my mail (stephane AT 22decembre DOT eu). The french piwigo forum has a topic about the plugin (which I launched and follow regularly), but the english forum not, it seems.

If you launch a topic there, please mail me so that I can follow and help you.


If you want to help, you can download the sources from the svn :


Contact me by mail or jabber : stephane AT 22decembre POINT eu.By discussing, we can improve the thing. I don't really like that someone write me with a piece of code without discussing the point, proving it's a good idea or not.


This plugin is provided as open-source and free software. Read it, comment… Everything is good.

But I think some of you would feel good to give back a bit. Feel free to give a piece of money, any amount you want on my bitcoin address :