My current gpg key is old, so I decided to retire her and have a new one. Obviously, I get also better key strength (4096 bits, better passphrase).

This document is to be published on my website as archive document, (also there with the signatures there and there ).

The signers of the current key, 0403A28B2D8DE8FB received also this document by mail, signed with the two keys, in hope they will sign again the new one.

The current key is 0403A28B2D8DE8FB, with complet fingerprint there :

47D6 459B 2DCE E5C1 439C 5333 0403 A28B 2D8D E8FB

It won't be valide anymore in three months, so monday the 4th of may 2015.

The new key is 20413A8E7F36CE55, with complet fingerprint there :

F6B2 DCE3 B6F6 A972 FF3A 1C9B 2041 3A8E 7F36 CE55

Both keys have been uploaded to keyservers.

You can also follow me on keybase.