As I have written a big serie about GPG (not yet finished !), which I hope will be shared, reshare and reused, I finally had to face thruth: I had to choose a licence for this blog and its content.

Awful legal stuff

I decided to place this blog under Creative Commons CC BY because I think sharing makes us better.

This licence is a free licence. It allows you to use my texts wherever and whenever you want, including for commercial purposes as long as you provide a link to the original text (this blog).

I wanted a free licence, reason why I allow commercial use of my work. I never intended to make money out of it, so why would I limit their use? If I place a limit on that usage, it would mean that, in the extraodinary case of someone wants to publish a book containing some of my texts, then that book would not be allowed to be sold. So my texts would be less spreaded.

This licence does not constraint either to share on the same conditions.

Again, who am I to constraint others who feel inspired by my work to publish under some terms ?

So, actually, this licence means:

As long as it is clear I am the true author of these texts, then you can use them, any purpose you want.

It could be understood (as far as I know) as a BSD-like licence applied to cultural works. Quite liberal indeed.


This blog does not have any comments form. I never had a lot of comments when I was under Wordpress. So I did not see the case when switching to Pelican (the current blog software).

But if you want to make a comment, it's really simple: send it to me by mail, and I will gladly add it at the bottom of the article.

stephane @

Of course, I decide whether the comment is added or not. But actually, it's the case of all blog, isn't it ? Each blog author decide if comments are moderated or not, before, after…

Here it's obvious. Comments are moderated before being published.

But I don't see any reason I would not publish some good comment, eventhough it contains criticism.

So, don't hesitate a minute to send me comments. If they are worth, they will be published.
If you think they are not worth, write them eventhough. I will send you back some mail about it. It's the least you deserve, don't you think so ?


I said above that I never hoped to earn any money from my blog. It's fairly true. Except that I know my text are quite good. So maybe some readers would like to give me some currency units.

So I placed a Flattr button on the left side, and created a bitcoin and a litecoin address.

So you can give a bit.