I have been using Mageia for a few weeks now on my main computer, where I write this blog, play some games and browse the web.

I left Debian. Some instabilities, problems. I could for sure solved it if not being too lazy. I just wondered if the grass was greener here (and I think it's good policy to see other distros from time to time).

Actually, the Mageia experience was not that great.

Something interesting to notice is that Mageia is Mandriva's heir, which distribution I started using Linux.


Mageia has an integral configuration center. Something that is missing in Debian. A bit difficult to use at some point.

What is less cool is that you cannot make your own customizations on your own. It is for example impossible to modify fstab manually. Modifications are not kept. You ought to use the graphical UI. Which gives less possibilities.


I cannot setup NFS correctly.

Actually, the share doesn't get mounted automatically. Each time I solved the problem, few days later it came back.

Why ? How ? No one knows !

Le réseau et le pare-feu

Some good thing is that Mageia start out-of-the box with active firewall. Not on Debian.

But as it looks like, Mageia is not really ipv6 friendly. The OS itself does not request for ipv6. I had to change the dhcp client to get some.

Then, I use Dnsmasq, which does this :

  • request dhcp ipv4/6 from luciole
  • fetch luciole's MAC address by Dnsmasq
  • giving the ip requested address
  • calcul by Dnsmasq of the self generated ipv6 address from the MAC
  • ping6 of all the machine's ipv6 addresses (dhcp and self generated)
  • setting of all responding ipv6 in the local dns

It is quite smart, because even if the machine does not request ipv6, she might has some with stateless autoconfiguration (RFC). So let's check it is the case and everyone is happy.

Except if the firewall on the client machine (my computer) is paranoid and does not let ping6 go through. Then it breaks it all. I can't find any way to allow to ping6 the machine. There is an option in the graphical UI but actually ping6 does not go through.

So I, indeed, have ipv6 connectivity, but not in the LAN, whereas I should be full ipv6 !

For example, while I do ssh, the server will check the machine's address. As the ipv6 is not in the local dns, the connection is quite delayed.


Mageia is a good distro to start using Linux. Good replacement for Ubuntu.

But not really for the advanced user I am.