I am working since march in a fruits warehouse in Tilst, in the north-east of Aarhus. It’s just a food job.

In Denmark, everything is about networking. I got this job by one of my classmate, in Danish courses. I barely talked with her once or twice, but one day, she proposed to get me back home with her car, and during the trip, she just said :

Guess what I said …

Few days after, we got to the warehouse, and she showed me the basics. At the end, the boss said me :

That’s it ! So simple ! Like I sent tons of résumés all other the country. No positive answer. But a person I barely know says me :

Around just one month ago, this same boss said me once that I was not working fast enough. Something I was perfectly aware of.

As weird as it looks, I was quite happy of it. Because in France, the boss would say me two times that I am slow, then fire me… Or at least, that’s how we, Frenchmen, expect bosses to behave !

French bosses are playing a lot on stress management. Here, I have the feeling it’s more about making the workers able to improve and do their tasks than just stress them.