Writing your résumé in an other language is for sure a hard task.

Mine needed eight hours working on two weeks, the biggest part working on Firefox with around ten tabs (plus my courses and dictionaries opened on the table obviously) :

  • a pad where I copied my English résumé
  • google translate
  • two English-Danish dictionaries
  • a pure Danish dictionary (for grammar, nouns’ gender…)
  • wikipedia allows translation of notions (because operating system won’t be well translated by google).

That was the minimum, but there was some other. You can imagine system load. Firefox was continuously bugging, four hours of work opening and closing tabs, memory could be full.

After that, I had to make some of my friends to correct it. Actually, there was 5 readings and correcting sessions : two by danish friends, and two by danish friends who where member of Stjerne Dansk and one by a professional danish teacher.

Finally, I could copy all of that on Linkedin and other jobs websites. You can have a look at the webpage or find a pdf there.