Last wednesday, I made a presentation about archery at the danish school. You can watch it (in danish).

Archery is art

Like Judo and Taekwondo could be said art.

It is about focussing yourself, walking the path, focus on the target, the arrow, the bow, your position.

It is more close to a zen art than a sport.

When I am shooting, I forget most of the world around me. Sometimes I even use a disruptive thought from Matrix, which I think is very accurate:

The spoon does not exist.

No competition

Archery is an egalitarian art. You can shoot along with friends, men and women, adults and children, king or peasant, champion or beginner even blind or disabled peoples !

Facing the target, you are facing yourself and your abilities !

Matt Stutzman is for sure a really good archer !

Im Dong-hyun is considered blind among the american law, but still can shoot and win in the Olympic Games.

Let’s be fun.

Archery against conventional sports, it’s like …

Today, while walking the dog, I saw the neighbors…
they were walking the polar bear…

It’s so amazing !

A bit of poetry

Don’t you see the archer on the ground ?
Slowly preparing his arrow,
Don’t move fast but focusing,
A slow but single mouvement,
Pulling the string,
… And release.