I often need to write things in French or English while actually writing a Danish text, like, for example, a job application.

Therefore, I write first what I want to express in a language where I am fine. Then I use it to write my Danish text.

Normally, I should actually think the text directly in Danish. But for complex or precise matters, it is still often too heavy. This is why I need this step, which is often really short actually.

Yesterday, I was writing a job application, and I actually, naturally, wrote what I really wanted to write for so much time. The kind of things no one ever tells to an HR-person.

Here it is (in English).

Good morning

Reading your website inspired me a lot, particularly the page where you describe your building of a giant hospital with as much technical means as Ancient Egypt’s Pharaohs. This is the reason I wish to apply for a job in your company.

I already have a lot of experience that could be great assets for your team.

I have learnt in barely two years one of the most difficult languages in the world (yours!), found a low-paid flexible job allowing me to stay here while still searching after a more accurate job and biking up and down the city all the time long, so around 150 km per week.

Beside the odds, I could stand still. I therefore think of being an able person, with a lot of determination, and a real plus for your company. Anyway, better having me in your backyard doing nothing rather than in your competitor’s office running the project which would crush you!

On a professional level, I have worked in one of the most famous and recognized nuclear research organisms, currently facing the dismantling of their facilities. I was more particularly working on the building where were hold the most bizarre works, and thus certainly the hardest to get down in a safe way.
I could yet help the project a lot by providing some ideas and I took part in the definition of a better process methodology.
With all of this, I learnt a lot about teamwork, working with a wide diversity of skills, but also on large projects in term of surface, time, or financial implications.

This organism is also famous for its labyrinthic hierarchy and its procedural works. Therefore I feel fine working on various projects beside meetings, managers and corporate bureaucracy.

In order to give you a better view of my skills and experiences, I enclose my CV here.

I do hope to show you more of my interest soon in an interview.

Best regards, Stéphane Guedon