In today’s world, we are free, or supposed to.
We can love anyone, anywhere.
Yet, we do so few.

You are sitting at the bar with the colleagues, drunk,
Commenting today’s success, drinking beers.
Suddenly, one shout:

Let’s go to the whores

So you go to the whores.
You cheat on the wife, the husband, the loved one.
How dare you ?
How can you break the sacred gift of life,
For such a pale copy, this bare replica,
Of the most intimate thing one can have.

This crazy little thing called Love.

5 o’clock in the morning,
No one should ever try to wake me up.
At this time, I don’t even know my name.
The last person who tried still remember of it.

5 o’clock in the morning, The cat wakes me up.
He does not care for my state of mind.
He just wants to show me love.
Because at this time, I don’t think,
But I am just pure love.

My previous girlfriend understood that clearly.
One day she woke me up the best way one can hope for.
That day I could have saved the world.
I was running on edges, feeling so powerful.

Do you love someone ?

Don’t waste it for the whores,
The mistresses, the second life,
But instead treasure it, protect it,
For it is easy to give,
Easier to break,
And so hard to find.

How many others are running around,
Like drug addicts searching for their stuff,
This tiny little,
Yet immense and big feeling of Life :
To be loved.

Don’t waste this gift,
Nor ignore someone you could love truly with your heart,
If not for you, nor your loved one,
Then for me.

Because no one loves me but the cat.