As you can see, there has just been some big changes !

I have used Wordpressas a blog engine for a long time now. It’s a simple CMS, easy to use. Perfect for a beginner.

But I change for Pelican. The Wordpress is huge (90 Mo pour the whole base and files, 10 Mo for database). Not optimised, and PHP has a pretty bad safety reputation.

Pelican completely change completement the way the blog works : it creates html files each time I ask for. No security problems. The resulting website is lightweight ! I get all the Wordpress’ contents (texts and pictures) and the blog is 6 Mo heavy (because of the pictures) ! And the whole engine around 30 Mo.

Plus, I find it much more comfortable to write long pieces of text with a basic text editor like Kate or Notepad (laughts) than in Wordpress. With Markdown it goes way better.

Finally, only two bad things : comments and multilinguism.

Being static, I have to regenerate the blog each time I change it. If you want to comment an article, you have to mail it to me. It can be written in Markdown. If you don’t do so, I will when I include it in the comment system. After all, the end of the immediate comment is not a bad thing.

The blog doesn’t allow to have one side per language, as in Wordpress. But I can have multilang articles and one RSS per lang.