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Comment tu votes ?

Dans «Opinions» par stephane
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Le premier tour de cette élection présidentielle est passé la semaine dernière. Les langues se délient et on voit des reactions étranges arriver.

Je me suis donc décidé à partager mes idées et ma conception du système politique français.

À la présidentielle, t'élis la méthode

La présidence de la République …

Pledge for Europe and democracy

Dans «opinions» par stephane    Langues: en fr
Mots-clés: #politique

Trump, Brexit, more and more people blaming the European Union. Will that stop ? Let's hope so !

A bit of Europe

Some blame Europe. What has done the Union ?

Well... The European Union made peace between its members. I wish you to think about it harder: for the very first time …

What to do ?

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NB : this article is focused on the French society, but its remarks are still valid for other countries.

We cannot do anything. The system is corrupt. We need laws…

I am getting tired of hearing that. You want to live better in the future ? Do the following :

  • Stop using cars …

DNSSEC, what's that ?

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First of all DNS

DNS is what allows you to surf the net and know addresses around. These are road maps and telephone books of the internet.

This is also where you know where to send mails and many other boring details most people don't care about but make the …

Silkeborg juleskydning

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Silkeborg Christmas Tournament in english

This Saturday I went to an archery tournament organized by Silkeborg.

Woke up 6h30 to take the bus 7h at the bottom of the hill, arrived in Ans (the village in Silkeborg's commune where the tournament was organized) at 9h20.

I met there a part …

Local ipv6 routing

Dans «Informatics» par stephane    Langues: en fr
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I am trying for quite a time now to solve a complex problem: how to use anonymous ipv6 addresses on public internet, while still using fixed ipv6 in a LAN.

What ?

The general idea

When browsing the web, you wish to be the least trackable possible. That is possible using …