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Too many Days.

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Mots-clés: #poetry #absurd

Today was International Peace Day.
You may not have heard about it, but it is true.
How weird while we still have wars all other the world.

Today, several terrorist threats have been stopped.
How many are still at work ?
How many persons died in Syria ?
Under our bombs, or …

Practical application of the circular economy principles

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During march 2016, I attended a seminar about circular economy in building, organised by NCC, a big scandinavian building firm, and Orbicon, an engineering society. I learned a lot of intersting things.

multidisciplinary approach

Attendees were divided in groups with various backgrounds (nationalities and skills : engineers and architects, along with …

No one loves me but the cat

Dans «misc» par stephane
Mots-clés: #love #poetry

In today's world, we are free, or supposed to.
We can love anyone, anywhere.
Yet, we do so few.

You are sitting at the bar with the colleagues, drunk,
Commenting today's success, drinking beers.
Suddenly, one shout:

Let's go to the whores

So you go to the whores.
You cheat …