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IPv6 Connectivity

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This article aims to address the basic needs in education to the Internet described in this other one.

The aim is to allow private clients to an Internet Services Provider to understand how it works, basically, and solve, when possible, their connection troubles.

Internet is currently facing an important change …

I am an introvert

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I am an introvert. It is not a disease or something shameful. Opposite, it is apparently biological. Seems my brain is wired and organised slightly different.

What is it, to be an introvert ?

I value peace, introspection, reflection, rather than excitement. I value more deep thoughts than superficial. I read …

What we should all learn at school

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NB : This article is very France-centered, but I think it could be interesting to read for other cultures.

There are a lot of things we don't learn, yet we should.


Yes, basics. I think primary school should aim at give us the basics in our modern life :

Read, write …

Engineer's poetry...

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It is said the engineer makes the bridge between art and science. I don't feel much as a scientist, eventhough I apply much of their methods. But I do feel artist.

I admire the highest realisations of the human mind. Great bridges, elegant cathedrals and geant tunnels impress me more …

Mageia's review

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I have been using Mageia for a few weeks now on my main computer, where I write this blog, play some games and browse the web.

I left Debian. Some instabilities, problems. I could for sure solved it if not being too lazy. I just wondered if the grass was …

Let's go !

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I validated my danish exam this december, just before Christmas.

Perhaps is it time for me to start writing in this new tongue. Even if I am not yet skilled enough. It is only a matter of practice, reading. One should just start it and see what happens. And I …