I used to have a cat. A really beautiful, lovely birman cat. Hugo escaped and got lost just 300 m away from home (so damn close !) on my first danish exam day. Then an accident got him. Enough !

I would prefer that I completely scruwed this exam ! For sure, I would not be aware of my chance and my life would be just a little bit different. Writing again about it still makes me angry, painful and sad. And I think I am going to have another one some day…

But a friend of mine got me a new kitten to make me up again. I was just begining to think fetching a new one in an animal shelter around. It was the good time.

I called him Snow, because he is white, except from a little spot on the head. Valérie makes the remark also that it fits perfect with Jon Snow, character from A song of Ice and Fire who is a bastard, like my new kitten.


Snow had been abandonned by his mom (or something else, who knows ?…) and this is definitely not a race cat hence the bastard.

He is always hunting night butterflies and toads living around my flat.

He is yet loving and love to huddle against me and is on my knees as I am writing this article.