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Love Hell

Dans «misc» par bianca
Mots-clés: #love #poetry

Guest post

Sometimes it makes you feel so good
And still so bad,
Sometimes it tastes like honey,
Sometimes, sour as death,
It can give you wings to fly,
But can also let you fall,
Sometimes it kills you with a "bye",
Other times it gives you life with a …

Sign your DNS zone on OpenBSD with Ldns.

Dans «Informatics» par stephane    Langues: en fr
Mots-clés: #openbsd #serveur #dns #dnssec #diy #auto-hebergement #bsd #opensource

Today the 1st of November 2017, my internet domain 22decembre.eu has a new DNSSEC key (keytag 20243) and it begin to be signed with another one (keytag 45395). It is the result of my project, Ldnscript, which I am going to describe there.

stephane@blackblock:/var/ldnscripts ldnscript status …