Today, on the way to work on my bike, I got insulted.

I prefer to take it fine. After all, it proves that I am really living there and integrated.

What happened

I am biking and in front of me a man is walking. I slightly begins to change my direction in order to avoid him. NO, he does not want. He pursues and forces me to stop, then begins slowly to talk.

… det er ikke en cyklesti… du må ikke …

Well, we all know how it goes, impossible to speak or so. Plus, I could not understand more than a few words. I show the road next to us :

Jo, jo, hvor er cykelstien ?

Here is the thing : I was on the pedestrian path, not the bike path. I was not allowed to be there. But there, in my 10 km path to work, there is no bike path for around 300 m. There’s cars and busses, and the road is pretty fast. I don’t feel secure so I generally place myself in a safe place : the pedestrian path.

But this man did not agree and wanted me to understand it ! At first he seemed to be polite.

But then I run away, and continued on the pedestrian path, making him aware that I won’t go on the road, just because it’s not safe at this place.

And I heard, shouted :

… fucking asshole !

I believe he understood I am not a Dane.


So, here it is. I am integrated to Denmark. There’s better ways to be integrated, and I am working on them as well. But, as a general manner, Danes are annoyingly polite ! Seeing one of them insulting you is almost fun !

I decided to take it on the fun side. I could have been on nerves all day, no. Life is life. Let’s make a blog article out of it !

If you’re this man, if you’re reading me, then I appology, you’re right, I should not have been there ! Yet, I don’t feel safe on the road, so I will continue !

By the way …

By the way, I also got an exam today, in Danish, and I believe I did it successfully.