A few times ago, I was reading someone, complaining about today’s websites or softwares taking too much attention on graphics.

Kittens and colors. We don’t need it !

He prefered light and efficient environments, which don’t care about esthetic.

The french-swiss architect Le Corbusier believed in the true efficiency of raw concrete. His work is characterised by a rigid, standardized, minimalist esthetic.

Ideal for introspection and contemplation. After all, despite being an atheist, he designed a monastry ! Easy to understand it’s the perfect place to meet God !

##Crude efficiency of raw concrete

This is command line : the crude efficiency of raw concrete.

So easy to unleash the full power of a software God reborn in Root, that one doesn’t feel easy there.

When I designed my software, Bib’lib, I passed quite a time in order to make the admin interface cosy enough for me to feel fine using it, rather than really effective.

What’s the purpose of a software, if no one wants to use it ? And who wants to use something ugly and uninviting ?

##A carpet… full of bugs.

Opposite, the graphical interface is a carpet : thick, cosy, but full of dust and mites, which remind us of computing bugs !

Because bugs are there, in the graphical interface.

The source of most problems in a computer is in graphics.

Yet, it is so much easier to live there, in this cosy and helpful environment…

I know really few people who wish to live in a building made out of raw concrete. Opposite, there is still a lot of carpets to be bought every day !

##The carpet paradox :

Your software, as powerfull and effective it is, if not easy to use and cozy, won’t be used at all, meaning it won’t fulfill its purpose !