I built a PeerTube instance. To my great joy, it looks like a lot people use it, either by publishing videos on it (that I can see), or watching them (that I cannot follow).

As well, this very blog has readers.

So I thought about allowing readers, PeerTube users or just friends, to give a few virtual coins. Just because they think my contribution to the web deserve it. This money will be mostly used to pay for the hosting of the PeerTube instance. I intend to tell more about it in the future.

I have a Tipee and a liberapay account.

It is also a good place to tell you none of my websites has advertisements (and I highly doubt they will ever have), nor tracking systems. If I ever did it, would be self-hosted, in order to have an idea of my readers, who they are, where do they live… And no GG-analytics or others.

That you give some money or not will not change the opinion I have of you. This blog is and will remain my personal space of expression.