Do you know how many persons around you are depressive ?

Sounds weird indeed. Why would you be depressed today ?
We’re all fine, have roof other the head and food in the fridge.

And yet, there are still a lot chances some of your friends are depressive but hiding it.

The feeling of not fitting in, not to be accepted, valued, understood, loved…

One million person try to commit suicide every year.

Helping other is also helping yourself.

Have you done something genuinely generous, out of nowhere recently ?

Once, I gave, for free, an archery lesson to a group of kids for they had a birthday party. That kid just got the best birthday present ever. And just that thought still fills me with joy.

There is a saying that the person who cares the most is also the one who needs the most.

Think about all the things you could do to help others.

  • Donate blood.
  • Give time for a friend, crushing under pain.
  • Volunteer.
  • Help your young neighbor with their homework.

Are you sure your kids are happy ?

Sometimes, things are not as nice as we want to believe. Because people are so good at hiding cruelty.

Bullying, insulting, ignoring…

All that can cause pain.

It is not about asking.

It is about showing that person, your child, your spouse, your friend, that you care for them, that you don’t think down on their pain.

So look around yourself:

Do I dare to care ?