Munich actually looks like a lot Vienna : it is a nice german city, calm, rich and proud of it, even if while walking around, you can see a bit more diversity.

Food is close to Vienna’s, with appelstrudel and greasy dishes. In downtown, you will see some buildings from middle-age to modern times.

The two first photos : Munich’s townhall. Last : neighboring church.

I was the whole morning of saturday the 27th in the very famous Alte Pinacothek. Honestly, it was worth it. You can see some of the paintings below or in the complete photo album. Obviously, a picture in a small screen does not give full benefit for paintings that can be meters wide or high. But it can maybe give an idea.

Pinacotheques’ buildings.

Erotic paintings (according to the description).

Afternoon and evening where put to a little walk downtown and then resting on the Isar’s shores, feet in the river and reading. It was cool after so much walking other the past week in four different towns.

The full photo album is available here.