Yesterday, I asked someone out.
She said to be already taken.
I let sadness pass,
so comes a feeling of absurd.

Write about it.

… says my friend.

So, read my thoughts about the absurd clusterfuck of dating,
as I navigate on my quest for Love.

We are said to be the lonely generation, the most single people in History.
Yet, impossible to meet The One.

I am said to be nice, handsome, helpful and highly commited, sensible and intelligent.
Yet I look to be invisible to most women.

Don’t be desperate, she’ll come at her time.

You should get a little drunk, to loosen up, to open yourself.
But not too much, or you’ll show some pretty nasty side of yours.

You should go to the bars, because it’s where things happen.
Even though you don’t know what to do or say.

You should show the best of yourself.
Be nice, commited, helpful and smart.
But not too much, becuase you will be seen as weak, or unapprochable.

You should show your true self, be natural,
even though every one expect you to follow the rules.

Everytime I show the real me, warm, humourous, sensible, weird and poetic, the conversation shuts down.

Everybody on Tinder, but no one dares to truly love.

Who ? Where ? When ? Why ? How ? What ?

Where are the good guys ?
Where are the good girls ?

Or so they said.

Maybe we are watching past them. Watch out. Love is just out there.