Recently, I saw a french blogger’s video who made my day.

He tells about looking at the world with less biais, accepting others’ opinions or more simply, accept facts in a less dogmatic way.

When I was 24, I already had a strong social conscience. I was politically very leftish. But also attached to individuality. Something that does not go well to “The True Left” (oh the irony …). I used to regularly comment on quite a lefty online media, Rue89, which I would describe as a lair of disappointed leftists and angry liberals.

And there, I used to cross words with an entrepreneur who used my attachment to indidividual freedoms, passion for DIY but also social conscience… to show me how much private initiative could be positive. Well, the guy was still an ass, arrogant as fuck and I still cannot bear the hell out of them… But he showed there was more to that than pure greed.

Other cultures, other ideas

The world is diverse. We need and have people of various opinions and lifestyles.

I speak three languages and this made me more open to the world and opened my views to a whole lot of new ideas and points of view.

I became more liberal but not any less social, here in Denmark. Social-Democrate that is. A political current that does not work that well in France, country of conflicts.

Bill Gates

I learnt not to hate Bill Gates after Microsoft.

With Microsoft, Bill Gates created an evil tool, Windows, something that is still problematic. I recently shouted like an idiot for two days because Windows My Ass has inexpectedly crashed and I could not reinstall because : too big of an iso to burn on a DVD, because unable to install through network (How is it possible to be that under-performant ?)…

But Bill Gates is also a human being. He is just a dude waiting in line at the fast-food. If we considered his political power, he should have at least a few bodyguards. This guy is more powerful than some heads of state (and not only some banana republics’ ones). No. He just waits for his turn.

Bill Gates is also on Reddit and do the secret Santa thing. And it’s amazing

You know what he did too ? Founded a foundation for health (fight against AIDS, poliomyelit, malaria…). All which is very important. Someone told me its not his role. That it was the role of states to care for their populations. But who would seriously believe that corrupt or failed states (in cases of african ones) have the means of doing so ? If not them, who ?

One could argue that it should be western states who don’t help. Specially when you consider their colonial past and economic holding on those countries. Let’s say that France or EU would start a vaccination campaign or one to plant trees by the billions in the Sahel or whatever… How long before the National Rally or DF in Denmark or Swedish Democrats get up and ask why we spend billions there… when we have so much needs here.

So, for all I think, Bill Gates can well take it.

Surprise, I don’t think the state has to fill all the space of possibilities.

See the world through someone else’s eyes

Our world is filled with conflicts. Military, political, economic, ethnic conflicts…

Those conflicts are there because we don’t listen to each other, and surely because we don’t try to understand, to see the world from another point of view.

This is my wish for Mankind : that we try a bit more seeing the world from someone else’s eyes, try to understand their actions. Rather than thinking you are obviously right and the other is wrong. Because.