I am an introvert. It is not a disease or something shameful. Opposite, it is apparently biological. Seems my brain is wired and organised slightly different.

What is it, to be an introvert ?

I value peace, introspection, reflection, rather than excitement. I value more deep thoughts than superficial. I read a lot, write. I prefer writing a mail than taking a phone call and I call myself a written person. I practice archery (almost a zen art).

I have always lots of ideas in the head, while other take their head in selfie…

But I don’t like much social situations, where I am easily awkward.

How many time did I fail, did I say something wrong. Obviously wrong in the ears of any others. But not in mines. But someone took it wrong indeed. How to defend myself here ? You cannot defend yourself in such situation. Social judgement being what it is, I am therefor wrong.

That gets me pissed. Someone gets judged because (s)he is awkward while there is something that says “You have to be open to the world. Be social.” But (s)he is awkward and everybody misjudges while (s)he tried. They got out of this so called comfort zone.

You have to get out of your comfort zone.

You, extroverts, when do you get out of your comfort zone ?

How many times have I thought “Stop it…” Clac. The oyster close itself in a defensive attitude, like one can pretend live alone without contact with the outer world.

Once, at work, a colleague misunderstood something I said. She chafed, everything got wrong and I yelled HUMANS.


Yes, I met lots of social or extrovert persons. Some accepted this part of my personality. Some others, less…
Did I made a remark on their own personality ? On the fact they are extrovert ?
On the fact that these persons are indeed social and open to the world, but have no passion ? I quite often think extrovert lack deepness. When you look inside, you don’t find so much !

That was my former parents-in-law’s mistake.
Being themselves extroverts, they did not understand that I remain out of social interaction, that I don’t share easily. They did not understand either the more they tried to include me, the more I would close myself, in order to defend me. And I found them quite uninteresting, as persons. They could be sympathetic, once in a while, but no true passions. My mother-in-law used to read books to have something to talk about ! Not for the book itself !

Celebrities are often extroverts. They need to expand, to be surrounded by people, in the middle of the crowd, to share. They are therefor really good with everything related to social behavior, communication. TV stars represent the extremum of this type and it’s why they are famous. And it’s why society value extrovert in return.

Opposite, engineers, technicians, doctors and researchers, all functions with a need for focusing and technical ability are often held by introverts.

Living happy hidden

Introverts like to live hidden, at peace. They are passionate and like to talk about deep thoughts. Small talks are not worth.

Why talking about someone’s famous new BF or GF while there is this book, thick like a brick, that you have been reading all the week and you want to tell about it to your friend ! Because … it’s this book.

Introverts are sensible, creative. It is something one notice with them because it’s where they are at ease, something they can be proud of.

Introverts, being easily awkward on a social side, open themselves carefully. They generally have few, but deep friends.

This blog, for example, and all those writings, and this one article particularly, are actually means of talking to the world for me. Here I talk, and listen those who dare.

Like cats and dogs

I often think an extrovert is like a dog. always joyful and enthusiast.

An introvert is rather a cat, quite lonely and independent even if it seeks affection. It is calm most of the time, and crazy once in a while.

Opposite characters indeed.