Who should build future cities, and with which values ?

In Vinterakademi 2017, we, 40 young students and professionals from different professions and backgrounds, tried to answer this question. In this manifest, we write four questions and four statements to sum up our work. It is a tool, a revelation and a promise to all the actors involved in urban development. It should lead to better dialogue and understanding about the future city, how it becomes robust and sustainable and how we reach that goal.

This manifest is a vision and our common passion.

We wish a future where humans, structures and technology plays together in harmony. Here, cooperation across professional groups is a prerequisite. Only when we take common responsibility, can we achieve a sustainable urban development with climate, social and economics in mind. Together, we must take responsibility for our common future!

Climate, Society and Construction

How can we motivate towards a green behavior that promotes a social and economic sustainability ?

We cannot afford to wait for others to do something. We should therefore be front-runners, take the lead and promote a sustainable usage of our resources and a green behavior.

The diverse and robust city

How can we create sustainable urban areas that focus on humanity and society, with all its diversity ?

We believe in a flexible urban space, where there is room for different people and activities, also for citizens initiatives. Diversity grows over time and in communities across the population.

Cultural heritage and Identity

Why don’t we lay a greater value in our cultural heritage and identity ?

We should learn from the past and the present, both physically and mentally. When we create connections in time and space, we increase our sense of belonging. That is sustainable.

Digitisation, Technology and Behavior

How do we use digital possibilities in a sustainable urban development ?

We must democratize our data and educate a technologically-reflective population. Through new technical solutions, we can support and promote a green behavior.

With our signatures, we encourage all actors and promise ourselves to use our professionalism, impetus and dreams to build good, sustainable cities - for all the cities’ residents, and for all future generations.