For a few years now, we see a form of resistance movement against Web-giants.

Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft receive a large part of internet traffic and shape internet in their own ways. And that is something a lot of people don’t like.

A bit of activism …

So they set up alternative, federated social networks. All these networks share one major common point: they are decentralized. And in this sense, they are in the image of the internet, at least that of origins.

Those networks run on free sotwares, mostly. The central idea of Diaspora*, Mastodon and today PeerTube is that you can install yourself a node of the network, an instance. And that they have a common protocol to share needed informations.

Those networks, with their privacy by design and attention for the individual and collective rights and freedom of their users, with their decentralized design, are active political networks in the sense that they engage for their users.

… to share videos.

PeerTube is open, like Diaspora* and Mastodon. It does not force its conditions. It is, opposite, the vibrant image of sharing and openness, as each PeerTube instance shares its videos with other instances.

A torrential sharing

Each PeerTube server is also a torrent tracker for the videos it shares (its own as well as those from the servers it follows). When viewing a video, it is then shared again with other viewers by means of the bittorent by your web browser.

A distributive system

Each server is and stays under its administrators responsibility. They can therefor decide how to manage and run the instance instead of having to follow rules of a business. Decide which or whose videos to publish or not.

It is what I did myself. A bit to host videos. Mostly for fun.

Instances have been created as artistic, creative spaces. Or places for scientific or journalistic expression. And some, just for fun. Like in plenty other opensource project, you get a bazar.

Hundreds of servers, widespread on the network. Does it remind you of something ? Yes. It’s the way internet is supposed to work.

Make those torrents of videos become rivers by thousands.

Join PeerTube !

Choose an instance.


Git repo - install your own instance.