Beginning of a new year, I would like, for once, to count, to see what I got through. For once because before was too much chaos.

Wait, you mean it’s not the case any more ?

Let’s say chaos level is somewhat manageable. I am ok to talk about it and to say what has to be said.


I not only talk but also write way better and more danish. After all, my boss himself told …

You talk fluent danish. Way better than those from Randers anyway.


During this year, I learned a lot about myself. I have been diagnosed with Asperger in 2018. 2019 was just the next year to that. I read a lot of Aspies and discovered a lot of them had the same experiences and found solutions close to mine. I took some courses and some friends helped me go through it.

I understood better the troubles I face while interacting with others and how to work around them. Not to search anymore to fit in cases but assume who I am.

One of the most important of those advices was to search for social activities and groups where I feel fine in order to better open up. Not really easy and I can easy fall back on a defensive posture.

I am more attracted to small groups and calm and introspective activities. It is where I am the most beaming. Hence my passion for archery and reading, my engagement at the Repair Café of Aarhus and the french speakers’ club.

So I shall more focus on boardgames and language courses. Do you have ideas ?


I setup a PeerTube instance on OpenBSD. Succeeding there gave me so much joy. It’s far from over. There needs much tweakings but the core is there. It is now stable and running.


I learned more about archery and improved my shooting style after several courses including making a bowstring, which I began to do myself the last day of 2019.

First time you do it without supervision is quite scary. The two first tries where wrong, but the third made it. And actually the result was good. Shooting it felt so nice.

I am wondering how all that will turn out when shooting outside.

Finally, I change my training time. I am not any more beginner’s trainer but advanced trainer. That one will be a challenge too.


I got a new cat. For a while now actually and he’s starting to be more comfortable. For those who don’t know, my previous cat, Snow, died the day after Christmas 2018 while I was still in France with my family. I can tell you it’s something I don’t wish for any one of you.

His successor, Potdecolle (meaning glue pot, reference to the fact who can sometimes fellow me everywhere), is now ok and is used to come back and sleep - almost - every night. He is less crazy than in the beginning (cat speaking…).