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A call to women

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Tags : #love #self-love
When was the last time you paid a compliment, to a man ? I want you to think about it. […] You’re handsome, skilled, nice, smart, or just kind… […] Recently, I was holding …

Absurd Dating

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Tags : #poetry #love
Write about it. […] … says my friend. […] Don’t be desperate, she’ll come at her time. […] Everytime I show the real me, warm, humourous, sensible, weird and …

Do you dare to care ?

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Tags : #love
Do you know how many persons around you are depressive ? […] And yet, there are still a lot chances some of your friends are depressive but hiding it. The feeling of not fitting in, not to be …

My love Asperger

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Tags : #poetry #love
I am going to tell you about this anger, this bitterness inside me. I don’t want or call for pity, but for understanding, and compassion. For there is still a deep void in my heart. A place for …