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Git as a backup system

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Tags : #openbsd #hacker #diy
I began recently backing up my OpenBSD configurations in git repositories. […] Remember : back up your shit or your shit will get back at you. I think this is a way easier backup system …

Dhcpv6 at Kviknet

In category : Informatics   
Tags : #ipv6 #diy #internet
I actually asked to set the CPE on bridge mode, that means it is acting like a modem on my point of view. […] When I asked My ISP for the options I needed, they provided me with a pcap file, …

What to do ?

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Tags : #diy #coop
NB : this article is focused on the French society, but its remarks are still valid for other countries. […] We cannot do anything. The system is corrupt. We need laws… […] I am getting …