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Upgrade your OpenBSD offline

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Tags : #openbsd
So, Openbsd 6.4 has just been released, so let’s upgrade. I have actually a slightly special upgrade procedure. First and foremost, you have to read the doc (you need to adapt if you upgrade an …


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I built a PeerTube instance. To my great joy, it looks like a lot people use it, either by publishing videos on it (that I can see), or watching them (that I cannot follow). As well, this very blog …

Dhcpv6 at Kviknet

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Tags : #ipv6 #diy #internet
I actually asked to set the CPE on bridge mode, that means it is acting like a modem on my point of view. […] When I asked My ISP for the options I needed, they provided me with a pcap file, …